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A balloon release is spectacular; an unforgettable, magical sight!

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Image of a balloons being released at an eventUP!

Balloon Races, Balloon Releases and Balloon Drops are great ways to advertise your event, raise funds and create a magical memory that will last forever.

The most popular thing we do is a Balloon Race. This is a fantastic way to raise funds for your cause; they are spectacular, fun and make money.

For an indoor event, where a release is not feasible, you should consider a Balloon Drop: Nothing says "celebration" like a cascade of balloons and confetti falling to the ground at your event. It's exciting and creates a moment that no one will ever forget.

If you are getting married, celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, launching a new business, raising awareness of your cause, or just to thrill the spectators at your sporting event then a Balloon Release is an excellent choice.

Add printed balloons to really reinforce your brand or add to the personal feel of the day. We should tell you, however, that although we can print latex or foil balloons, only pure, 100% biodegradeable, hand-tied natural latex balloons can be used in a release.

Image of a balloons waiting to be released at an eventUP!

These are basic guides. For more comprehensive guides fill in your details below and I’ll email you one right away.

How a Balloon Race Works.

Pick a date and time you would like the race to happen. Sell balloons. Tickets are attached to helium filled balloons and released with great ceremony en masse. After the tickets come back, the person whose balloon travelled farthest wins a prize (and you get a second PR moment when you present it to them).

How a Balloon Release Works.

Just like a race but without the competition, which makes it quicker and easier to organise. You can release anything from 1 balloon to whatever your budget allows. I would suggest somewhere around 500 to 1000 balloons would be best to create the wow. Latex balloons come in many colours, so you can match your theme or company branding easily.

It's Your Choice:

There are three options to holding a balloon race or release:

Image of a balloons being released at an eventAND AWAY!

Reserve your Date

Some dates are far more popular than others and they book up fast. Contact us now to reserve your date & time to avoid disappointment.

Bruno Mars at the 2011 MTV awards MTV Awards 2011.
Music by Bruno Mars.
Balloons by us!

How a Balloon Drop works

There are many ways we can effect a Balloon Drop. From "exploding balloons" suspended over your venue (as many as you want or will fit), each releasing about 100 small (5") balloons and fluttering confetti when popped, to one or more large nets releasing huge numbers of larger (11") balloons at just the right moment (just like the one at the MTV Music Awards you can see at the top of this page). Once again, adding printed balloons really makes an impact in a drop.


If you are using the balloon launch for a fund raising race, our race labels are numbered to protect Personal Information.

We also offer a free service to personalise the tickets with company or sponsor's logos, along with a return address and any other information you require.

The Green Display.

Rubber balloons are made of 100% latex. Latex is the solidified sap from a rubber tree and is non-toxic. Even the small quantities of dyes used to colour balloons are non-toxic and can re-enter the food chain safely.

Latex balloons come in hundreds of colours and they're ALL Green

We also use only Balloon-grade helium, not suitable for medical or industrial processes.

Apart from the use of 100% bio-degradable materials (A latex balloon decays as quickly as an Oak leaf), using pure latex balloons encourages the planting of more rubber trees (It's more profitable than raising cattle on the cleared land) – also helping the World Environment.

If you have any concerns regarding the environmental impact of balloon releases, Check out the NABAS website below.

The Balloon Association

The National Association of Balloon Artists and Suppliers (NABAS) are the professional body overseeing the Balloon Industry.

Please click HERE for the NABAS Code of Conduct for Balloon Releases.

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